Let’s Beat Tension and Migraine Headache with Acupressure & Aromatherapy

As in our daily fast life,Headache & Tension is a common complaint in most people.

Tension headaches are caused by the tightening of muscles, often due to stress or unaccustomed exercise. A massage works to gently stretch these tightened muscles and help them release the tension there. By manipulating the muscles, particularly in the neck and shoulders, as well as the base of the skull, the tightness is eased and the pain will be eliminated. This is something you can do yourself.

There are 2 types of headaches.Primary and Secondary.

Primary headaches are migraine, cluster and tension headaches.

Secondary headaches are caused by an underlying disorder such as brain tumour, infection or injury.

Tension headaches are the most prevalent type, afflicting men and women at some point in their lives.Most headaches are triggered by emotional, stress, environmental, chemical and food factors.

Acupuncture is a very relaxing experience and is a well-known alternative medical treatment for quite a few health issues, but you might be pleased to know that the idea behind it works just as well without the actual needles. Try squeezing the fleshy area between the thumb and forefinger for up to 5 minutes for quick headache relief. Rubbing with small circular motions directly in front of the ears, in the little dip found there, can also help.

Acupuncture also stimulates the release of neurotransmitters which relax the body and decrease pain.

Aromatherapy is also one of the most usual natural headache relief methods,which is used to promote relaxation and to relieve both stress and pain.Aromatherapy is a treatment mode which entails the use of aromatic compounds and essential oils in order to positively impact an individual’s mood and/or health. The basic materials involved in aromatherapy are: essential oils, infusions, absolutes, hydrosols, phytoncides, and carrier oils.

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