Fitness Tips Facts- Ear Infection Symptoms,Treatment,Home Remedies,Causes,Risk Factors

What is Ear Infection - Ear Infection Definition:-

When you think of ear infection usually the first thing that comes to mind is a 4 year old child, with red ear canals and screaming in torment because the antibiotics have not worked. The truth is that most people that suffer from ear infection are children but there are many who also suffer from adult ear infection.

Adult Ear Infection Symptoms Signs:-

blockage in the ear,temporary hearing loss,pain in the ear, fever and dizziness, Nausea, vomiting,Have trouble sleeping,Irritability,Diarrhea

Ear Infection Treatment Cures Care:-

(1) Garlic is great for ear infections. These middle ear infection Home Remedies should not be used if the ear drum is perforated.

(2) Paracetamol either as a liquid, a tablet, or a soluble tablet is usually the best. Ibuprofen, a NSAID is another alternative. You should not use aspirin in a child under the age of 16, but it can be very helpful for the older age groups.

(3) It is important to base the diet around fresh fruit and vegetables, quality proteins, natural oils and small amounts of whole grains.

(4) Antimicrobial herbs like olive leaf, echinacea and golden seal are powerful middle ear infection remedies that can help reduce bacteria and viruses in the ears

(5) Hot compresses, heat bags or hot water bottles on the affected ear can ease the pain of ear middle ear infections.

Ear Infection Causes,Risk Factors:-

The cause is a germ infecting the outer ear canal. Most often this is caused by bacteria,fungus infection, are to blame.

The infection can happen to anyone. Sometimes a cause can be traced, such as swimming in infected sea water (many surfers will attest to this). Most times it is not possible to be sure why it started.

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