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Fitness Tips Facts – Gout Symptoms Definition Causes Prevention Natural Home Treatments Remedies

Gout Definition/ what is Gout? :-

Gout is an illness that is characterized by pain accompanied by redness and tenderness on the joints. The most affected joint is the one at the base of the big toe. This illness is normally caused by the production of too much uric acid in the body. Normally in these cases, the body has difficulties getting rid of this excess uric acid.

Gout Symptoms Signs:-

The first gout signs that most people get are nodules on their ears, elbows and hands. Pain, warmth, tenderness and swelling in the joints are the most common symptoms. This is usually referred to as podagra. Fever can also be another one of the gout symptoms that are experienced during an attack and some people will even have limited movement.

Gout Causes Risk Factors:-

High level of uric acid in the bloodstream is the main cause of gout. Too much uric acid can also affect your kidney and may also lead to kidney problems. If you have food allergies, these will also make you more prone to gout. Excessive stress is one of the many culprits of the many health problems we have and gout is no exemption. Gout can be genetic, but there are solutions for you to take in order to minimize the frequency of attacks you get, for instant taking physical exercise and reducing your alcohol intake.

Gout Prevention Natural Herbal Home Treatments Cure Remedies:-

Here are some of the foods that you should avoid if you have gout - anchovies, beans and other legumes, organ meats like liver and kidneys as well as shellfishes. Use of anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the inflammation more quickly than the self-resolution that usually occurs with gout after a week or two. The quickest acting medication is called colchicine.

Ice is often used when a patient has a gout flare-up. Cherries are popular natural remedy for gout as they help lower down the levels of uric acid.

Keeping yourself hydrated will help a lot in diluting uric acid in your blood and your urine and thus preventing future gout attacks.

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