Alternative Health Article – Safer Effective Acne Herbal Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent choice to keep acne at bay. It does tingle and smells medicinal, but it contains anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-viral, which are both useful for the treatment of acne. If you have an outbreak, tea tree oil can be applied directly to the pimple in order to speed healing.

Aloe Vera

Most people know that if they have an aloe vera plant in their home, they can break off a piece and apply it directly to a burn. It is very soothing to use externally and internally. People use aloe vera for sunburned skin and it is excellent for the treatment of acne as well.

You can buy 100 percent aloe vera gel, which is recommended and apply it directly to a pimple, which speeds healing and is soothing. Additionally, you can apply it to areas of the skin where you feel an outbreak is looming. This can stop the outbreak from becoming unruly.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is used in many moisturizers and creams because it absorbs well and it naturally reduces sebum when there is an excessive amount. If your skin produces too much sebum, it is likely to have a tendency to suffer from outbreaks.

Jojoba oil is very soothing, but be sure you purchase 100 percent jojoba oil that is not mixed with anything else that could potentially irritate your skin and lead to an outbreak.

Burdock Root

This is something you can either drink as a tea or they sell it in capsule form. The herb is wonderful for purging toxins from the skin, which of course is the excess of toxins that can cause your acne breakouts.

Wheat Grass

Wheat grass has properties that can help to remove acne and lesson outbreaks. You will need to drink the juice form of the wheat grass in order to receive the best benefits. Moreover, wheat grass is an excellent antioxidant and very high in nutrients.


This is a wonderful herb that can be useful to control acne when taken on a daily basis. You can purchase the extract capsule form and take it daily in order to improve your skin. It holds anti-inflammatory properties, which can be quite useful for chronic acne.

When suffering from acne, the traditional methods of treatment used by the dermatologist can prove quite painful and expensive. Many people choose a natural route because the herbs and various oils not only help clear the acne but it is also good for your overall health.
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