Acne Marks Removal Home Remedies – Save Time and Money

There are many people here who are really fed up of the Acne marks on their skin and want to go for acne treatment.

Therefore many people try for many products available in the markets like creams and ointment etc. But all these creams are utter nonsense and are of no use. But people are not aware of the fact that there is a simple way for reducing the Acne marks on the skin.

To reduce the Acne marks you must follow certain dos and don’ts. Here are the steps:

Many people are much tensed about the Acne marks, so there is a tendency of the people to wash the marks every day. Washing of the marks is completely erroneous.

An important thing about Acne marks is many people tend to squeeze the marks and make it worse. Actually, it makes the marks look even worst. Even the person feels irritated.

The first thing you should do is not to squeeze nor touch the pimple. If you do so it will get redder and inflamed and may also spread the bacteria that cause the pimples.

Next thing you must do is you must apply an ice pack or face pack on the skin every 30 minutes and keep it for 2 minutes. This will help to decreasing redness as well as swelling. It will also reduce the inflammation that caused.

The third thing you must do is you must use a thing that will cover up the pimple. Covering the pimple with a light congealer will help you. The covering thing should be the color of your skin.

(1) Rubbing of fresh mint juice to the face every night will prevent your face from Acne.
(2) Making the paste of turmeric powder as well as Neem Leaves and applying on the affected area will help you to get rid of Acne quickly. Also washing it with lukewarm is good for Acne.
(3) Application of paste made from salt and vinegar and washing it after 20-30 minutes is a good remedy.
(4) As we know that fenugreek is good for every diseases, making paste of fenugreek and water and soaking it overnight and applying it on the marks helps a lot to reduce Acne marks.
(5) Paste of ground radish seeds with water to remove blackheads.
(6) Making paste of sandalwood with rose water is also a good remedy for Acne Treatment.
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