How to Stop Nail Biting Habit

It is important that you break your nail biting habit because as well as looking and being really unhealthy it can also cause damage to your teeth.

This is specifically important especially if you have paid thousands for crowns, veneers or bonding etc. in order to fix your smile. Biting your nails could damage this dental work you spent so much money on.

Your nails are an important part of your hands as they provide support for the surrounding tissue and also help you pick up things.

Did You Know?

That your nails are made of a protein called keratin and your finger nails also reflect the state of your health.

A nail biting habit causes your nails to look unhealthy. The skin around your nails is usually jagged, and the nails are chipped and jagged! Nail biting can cause oral health problems also.

1- It can damage crowns and veneers

2- It can create fractures in the enamel at the front of your teeth

3- It can cause an infection in your mouth

4- It can transfer oral diseases such as herpes

5- And can increase the chance of getting ulcerations on your gum

A Nail Biting Habit Is Said To Be Caused By:

Stress, anxiety, boredom or just out of habit

Statistics Of People Who Bite Their Nails:

Children comprise of 28 - 38 %, Adolescence comprise of 44 %

* Young adults comprise of 19 - 29 %

* And Older Adults comprise of 5 %

Would you believe that a nail biting habit is 10 % higher in boys than it is in girls.
A nail biting habit is a very common habit but you will need to make a conscious effort to break it. But remember it is better to break an unhealthy habit than it is to break your nails or teeth. Breaking a well establish habit is not easy at all but if you make a conscious effort to make it you will succeed!

Tips To Help You Break Your Nail Biting Habit:

1- Carry a nail file around with you
2- Get a manicure once a week
3- Use bitter tasting solution on your nails that is designed to help you break the habit
4- Learn to relax more
5- Take up some kind of hobby involving your hands
6- Look out for reasons why you may be stressed and try to avoid the triggers
7- Get friends and family to remind you when they see you putting your nail near your mouth, because you may be doing it without even realizing.
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