How to stop Tiredness - Tiredness Natural Remedies for you

1. Chomp on a crunchy snack. A chocolate bar or cake surely is tempting, but instead of grabbing some of this or other sugary foods, just snack on a crunchy veggie like carrots, celery or cucumber. You can also try sesame sticks and nuts.

2. To stop tiredness and lift your energy levels, sip up some citrus fruit juices. Even the smell of lemon, orange and grapefruit can rev up your engine and get your system going.

3. Eat a banana to stop tiredness and boost energy. The potassium in bananas makes this happen. Try other potassium-rich foods like nuts and spinach.

4. Stop tiredness from sneaking up on you by eating something spicy. Chilli crackers or fish and chili prawns and beef can definitely kick-start your system. However, avoid spices in creamy sauces, as these will leave you feeling drowsy and bloated.

5. An apple a day keeps tiredness at bay. This fruit is packed with healthy nutrients and antioxidants, making it a good food for beating tiredness. Not only that, the crunchiness of an apple can make you feel awake and alert.

6. Dehydration is a primary cause of tiredness, so drink lots of water to stay fresh, alert and energized. You can put a lemon or some mint leaves on your glass of water for that added boost.

7. When you feel that you need a quick boost, try placing some fresh thyme in a bowl of boiling water. Then put a towel over your head and inhale the thyme infusion.

8. Pick some garden herbs and inhale the refreshing scent to get that mid-afternoon lift that you need.

9. Stop tiredness by taking a nice, warm bath. Place a few drops of relaxing and energizing essential oils like lavender, rosemary and sage in your bath.

10. Soaking in a salt bath is another good way to revitalize the body. Try the essential oil bath one day then try the salt bath next for that buoyant feel.

11. Soak a bunch or pine needles overnight, then strain the liquid and add it to your bath the following morning. This should give you a wake-up call and energy boost.
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