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Healthy Lungs Tips - Surely will help you

Breathing is one of the most crucial functions carried out by the lungs.

Each and every breath taken by the lungs adds oxygen to the body and expels carbon dioxide.

They also protect the body from the harmful effects of the environment like infections and pollution.

Milk thistle or silymarin extract helps the lungs in fighting against toxins found in the environment.

There are many benefits of drinking green tea. It is highly effective in protecting the lungs against the development of cancer.

Avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. Smoking is the leading reason behind the development of lung cancer.

Avoid second hand smoke. If anyone smokes close to you, it is best to leave the area or ask them to stop smoking.

Patients who are dealing with lung cancer should seriously avoid second hand smoke as it can aggravate their condition.

Exercising is a good way to have healthy lungs. You can include running, walking, swimming and other cardiovascular exercises in your schedule to improve the functioning of your lungs. The more you exercise, the stronger your lungs will become.

It is also essential that you consume a nutritious diet in order to have healthy lungs. Different food types to eat should include:

Cereals, grains and breads that are high in fiber content.

Lean proteins like fish, eggs, turkey and chicken.

Sufficient amounts of water as it also helps in flushing out toxins.

You should avoid consuming excess amounts of oily food, salt, alcohol and caffeine. It has been found that proper nutrition and dietary habits have a strong effect on the functioning of lungs, and avoiding unhealthy foods can also help in avoiding lung diseases. In fact anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant rich food has been found to be helpful in improving lung function and minimizing the development of lung diseases.

Avoid working in environments where there is excessive amount of particulate matter in the air. For example, people working in textile factories are prone to contracting Byssinosis caused due to intake of cotton and other dust particles.
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