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Child Colds Flu Treatments - Effective Natural Remedies will surely help you

(1) Make sure your kids are getting plenty of sleep. This is when their body heals and regenerates the most, so getting adequate rest is vital to staying healthy.

(2) Have them drink plenty of water. Hydrating keeps toxins from building up in your system and helps to flush them out of the body.

(3) Try and monitor your kids' stress levels. Stress depresses your immune system, so with increased and sustained levels of stress, there is a greater chance of becoming ill.

(4) Decrease sugar in the diet. Limit processed foods, pastries, candies, etc. as sugar also impairs the immune system and your overall ability to fight colds and flus.

(5) Make sure they are playing or exercising regularly. Moving your body increases your circulation, helping to move blood and lymph along.

This allows your white blood cells to circulate and fight germs better. Increasing blood flow also flushes toxins away from muscles and organs, and sweating from exercise or play also removes toxins through the skin.

(6) Have your child continue to drink more water and get plenty of rest. These are still the best ways to help support our body's natural defenses and give our body a greater opportunity to fight off any infections.

(7) Take out sugar completely and decrease mucus-producing foods, such as dairy, citrus, and bananas. This will lessen the load on the immune system and prevent any congestion from becoming worse.

(8) Echinacea and elderberry are some great herbs that can help boost the immune system and combat upper respiratory infections.

The gylcerite forms of these herbs are also tasty for children.

(9) The wet sock treatment is very helpful for increasing circulation and decreasing congestion in the head, throat, and chest. It also helps with sleep and stimulates the immune system (procedure for a wet sock treatment found below).

(10) Other herbs that are warming and good for colds and congestion include cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and yarrow. They can increase circulation and help stimulate body heat.

(11) Chamomile tea is wonderful for children because it relaxes them so they can sleep while also helping to clear coughs and congestion and decreasing fever.

(12) Taking horehound and mullein internally are good for clearing bronchial congestion by stimulating coughs. Mullein is also an antimicrobial to help fight infections.

(13) Another Healthy Living Tips 2011 for this type of Flu that "Thyme and Eucalyptus essential oils can be added to 1 ounce of olive oil to rub behind the ears, down the neck, and on the chest before your child goes to bed or upon waking. The essential oils can also be added to steam showers or a big basin of hot water for your child to inhale to relieve the congestion."

(14) Vitamin C and zinc stimulate the immune system and help to both prevent and reduce the duration of colds.

(15) Fish oil also helps modulate the immune system and decreases inflammation.
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