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Hyperhydrosis - What Causes Excessive Sweating

Our bodies are designed to sweat in order to try and cool ourselves. It's a natural defense mechanism against overheating. While that is how our bodies normally function, in some cases you can find yourself sweating excessively above and beyond what is considered normal. This condition is commonly referred to as hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating.

What causes excessive sweating

The first question that almost all people have in regards to this issue is, what exactly causes hyperhydrosis Unfortunately, there is no sure fire answer that anyone can give you. Research is still not completely sure of the causes. It could be caused from a problem with the sweat glands, an issue with the sympathetic nervous system, or a whole host of other issues that can include the following



-Drug or alcohol abuse


-Anxiety or nervousness

-Certain foods - Hot and spicy foods in particular

-Certain prescription medications - This is more common than you may think

-Menopause - Another common cause of excessive sweating in women

Regardless of what is behind the reason for excessive sweating, there is help available in curing the problem. It is not a condition that you simply just have to live and put up with.

For most people though, embarrassment often keeps them from getting treatment. There is no doubt that if you suffer with hyperhydrosis, then you can often find yourself frustrated and embarrassed at times, but there are things you can do to help solve this issue. There are many ways of curing hyperhydrosis without having to resort to surgery.
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